Japan’s CIVILIZED has returned with another great collection that focus on technical goods to perform better balance and function. Okugawa's F/W 2017 collection contains various styles: from street, via classy, all the way to heavyweight and timeless pieces that can be worn anytime. Color palette fits with their lookbook - monochrome, which is at the same time a label's trademark.

NODAL POINT GANG by low.poly.exception | interview

As I recently start adding more content about different sphere of art on my blog... I decided to add one more that always inspires me and keeps me going; music.
Therefore, today's blog post will be dedicated to an artist and a friend whose music brings back good memories and good moods.

Since my first contact with his music, and the project named neon shudder, I became a fan. Though... I must say that at first I was being a bit skeptical and hoped it's not one more new retro wave labeled crap because 90% sounds the same to me (sorry people)... And luckily, it wasn't.  JHM/ creates music the way he feels and the way he is inspired at certain moment. In his work the variety of genres can be found. From 80s electro, synth, industrial, ambient... till new age minimal experimental sounds. Despite all that, JHM/ music is highly influenced by old school console games, and what used to be considered as cyberpunk end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s. Music that back then would hit pages of Mondo 2K.

Those who follow JHM/'s work know that he has several different projects behind his name. Also, Sig (that's what  I call him) wrote an amazing short cyberpunk novel that follows the album Cadence by neon shudder (you can check the preview here). And as addition to all this comes the release of his album NODAL POINT GANG by low.poly.exception.

"We will become a part of our greatest creation to escape the misery of our tragic surroundings you are one wi-fi signal away from your true self in these trying times there’s net or nothing."

For today's blog post I’ve done a short interview with Sig, as a way of presentation of his amazing work, and upcoming first ever compact disc on September 22nd.


Hey Sig... it's been a while. How have you been? The countdown for the new CD release has started. Are you excited?

I am! Even though it’s quite far from my first release it feels like a fresh start.  I’ve tried to get other “side projects” off the ground but this is the first that really stuck.

To be honest, I am also excited. But I am very curious about the story behind NODAL POINT GANG and low.poly.exception... What made you do it? What were your main inspirations?

I have a lot of influences musically and while neon shudder was drifting into a more defined direction I wanted to take those other influences into account. Some of what I do as low.poly.exception could fit into a neon shudder album, sure, but I feel like there’s enough of a distinction for it to be its “own thing.” I also put out the first two EPs before letting most people know it was a project of mine to just let it breathe as its own thing for a little while.

There were a lot of things influencing the direction of low.poly.exception / NODAL POINT GANG. From a visual and conceptual perspective, big influences were things like xra’s “Memory of a Broken Dimension”, Tsutomu Nihei’s “Blame”NieR: Automata… I was listening to a ton of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Async” at the time.  The original Ghost in the Shell movie soundtrack by Kenji Kawai was a major influence too. I loved that it was a classic cyberpunk soundtrack but it was very ambient and haunting. Very different from a lot of what you’d call “cyberpunk” musically these days.

I kind of drew connections between all these different things I loved and low.poly.exception was born from that.

low.poly.exception has two EPs behind (CYCLE 1and IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT )... but apart from it there is not much info other than cryptic messages on the band’s Bandcamp page and on the EnviNET.

The two weren’t originally connected (the EnviNET story project and low.poly.exception) but I ended up writing a song for EnviNET called “within the basilisk” and tied some of the imagery together. The album cover for Cycle 1 (and name) are taken right out of the EnviNET project.

What would you say if I tell you that for me low.poly.exception  is best served with low rain, dim light, and it gives me an old cyberpunk feel with a bit of a noir twist? (your first album had similar vibe but it was ages ago)

Probably the ideal setting to listen to NODAL POINT GANG. My first EP I ever did ( definitely inspires similar imagery but in a different way I think.

Recently there was CYCLE 1 finale of the story... but since I am impatient I have to ask when the CYCLE 2 starts?

Cycle 2, dubbed “The Wired World” (in a nod to Serial Experiments Lain), starts on Sept 23rd, the day after NODAL POINT GANG releases.  The first entry will be up on as usual.

The 'Net is a waste of time... RESET. LOAD. START.

To quote an A.I. friend of mine: there is only net, or nothing.

And last... take the closest book to you. Page 142, row 7... what does it say?

“It should always be about what you’re attempting to accomplish with the design.”  I agree.


Summer is ending and Bulgarian contemporary avant-garde clothing brand MINOAR decided to color our autumn days with the stunning pieces captured in these vibrant visuals.
The newest women’s additions are a variety of handcrafted raw silk, linen, cotton in dyed nuances. Simply breathtaking.

"To let go in an universe of visual sensations."

Army Of Me - S/S 2018

Well known Swedish brand, Army of Me preliminarily presented the Spring / Summer 2018 collection during the event set by Quarum Project. Along with a few other brands, the night of fashion had aim to present many different shapes and in different places in the world. The SS 2018 collection is playful yet sophisticated and materials are carefully selected. The smallest detail can make a massive difference in the expression.

Scroll down to check for the full collection.


JOE CHIA - S/S 2018

Known for its modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity, Malaysian based label, Joe Chia recently presented new Chapter of their classical and avant-garde story. The S/S 2018 collection plays on the side of minimal and modern, yet traditional.

Scroll down to check full collection.

Roggykei - A/W 2017

Created in 2006, Roggykei is the brand that is going step futher, not only by pushing the boundaries of fashion, in fact, by blurring em. The dynamic duo, Hitoshi Korogi and Keiko Miyakoshi created brand with the concept "Clothes as accessories, Accessories as clothes." Their use of a vivid colors and metallic materials creates innovative modern avant-garde couture style which attracted attention of people from all around the world.

Collection for A/W 2017 is spinning in circles. Inspired by the simple essence of humanity, circular theme was present in almost each piece of Roggykei’s collection. Cosmos and the glimpses of energy that surrounds and connects us (shirts with outward-curving arms hung from the ceiling like moons, eclipsing the lights behind them, and guests sat in a large ring facing the center)

“We believe everything is connected in a circle, in a loop."

Obscure photography by Quentin Lënw

Quentin Lënw is a French artist who, despite his young age (1983), creates a very poetic, surreal, and dramatic shots. Starting photography in 2005, Lënw's mysterious shots are inspired by technology, nature, movies, and various research. The black and white, with shaggy and shadowy tones, marks his works of emotional tension with a vision of symbols and figures that represent values inherent in everyday life that tends to criticize and reject.

"Art with installation, photography, in constant research."

Quentin Lënw