BARBARA I GONGINI‘s Autumn Winter Collection 9 & 26 focus on organic forms and shapes, inspired by the Northern Hemisphere. Various basic shapes are composed to create rich layers, and play with different styles. Monochrome and dusty color palette on light cotton, raw linen, soft leather and long-haired wool play a significant role in the collection.



Kai Dunkel - "KRONOS" S/S 2017

Kai Dunkel, a German menswear brand founded in 2015 and distinguishes itself through interdisciplinary work. Their goal is to combine the past with the future in order to create pieces with specific characteristics, gained through the implementation of scientific approaches, such as processing the fabrics with a variety of different applications.

Collection KRONOS for SS 2017 visualizes the individual’s dismissal from reality and its transformation in a new world.
"The collection distinguishes itself through its unique and contrasting material character. Hard, demolished and rigid fabrics, as well as the rough metal buckles and gas mask lenses, symbolise the individual’s liberation from human reality and lend the collection a mechanical character. In contrast; soft, flowing and transparent fabrics accentuate the human vulnerability and fragility. Layers and elongated lapels encase the body and function as protection against upcoming and uncertain dimensions.

The transformation is complete."


PHOTOGRAPHER // Andreas Waldschütz
ASSISTANT // Faruk Pinjo
MODELS // Patrick Mason, Thiago Dias
MAKE UP // Hanka Zeneli
FASHION STYLIST // Natali Deftereos
ASSISTANT // Lea Marlen Rektorschek 

Vogue Germany March 2017 by Luigi & Iango

Photography: Luigi & Iango (via FashionEditorials)
Styled by: Patrick Mackie
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Makeup: Georgi Sandev
Models: Issa Lish, Lia Pavlova & Zhenya Migovych

KOFTA - A/W 2017

Following the latest world trends, and general progress of human kind, Ukrainian brand KOFTA released collection inspired by the idea of  H+ and AI.
Humankind is not the first, nor the last intelligent race on earth... more like, it looks like someone's failed project. As the technology rapidly changes each second, mankind transforms itself and its knowledge into artificial intelligence. People tend to become better version of themselves in each aspect of their life, or they tend to 'shut down' and disappear completely.

"The Era of Mankind is coming to its end."

rewords/rewordsdesign - A/W 2017-18

With a lot of new things happening around, and a lot of improvement Japanese label  rewords/rewordsdesign presented collection for upcoming season Autumn/Winter 2017-18 with more grungy look.
Check it out.

Photographer / Ayako Kichikawa
Hair & Make-up / Miki Masue
Styling Assistant / Yuito Ando

Cindy Leper - A/W 2017

Established in 2012, Cindy Leper is an independent jewelry brand based in Bologna, Italy. Inspired by anthropology studies and by everyday reality, her aim is to conjugate the Italian artisan tradition of her family, and a modern dark, edgy aesthetics.
Simple and clean geometries, black and white, fine wood essences, unusual materials are the main components of Cindy Leper work.

Collection for AW 2017, entitled "Armi da indossare" (Wearable Weapons) was created to adorn and celebrate the spiritual warrior in us. Primitive forms, clean lines, and modern and bio-compatible materials are combined into a set of four forms translated into rings and earrings: Arrow, Axe, Sickle, Manta.

Cindy Leper